updated & better.
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updated & better.
Get it now!

refreshed look
for the right ambience

Let’s face it, giving a break to your body and mind on a daily basis can be hard with so many things to do! However, the right ambience at the appropriate time can change everything. Beautifully redesigned with appeasing details and animations, Relax Melodies sets you in the right mood just when you need it. A refreshed interface to help you relax and sleep great, every day!

sharing & discovering
a community that listens to you

Creating relaxing mixes is sure a lot of fun but can also be a challenge because of the many available possibilities. With Discovery, let the community of Relax Melodies helps you out. Find yourself listening to unique and original mixes shared by users just like you! Who knows, what works for others might just work for you.

a new level of mixing
add your own music

The doors of your entire music library are now open! Whether it be a beautiful piano arrangement or a relaxing tropical song, experience a new level of relaxation by integrating your favorite songs in your mixes. Create a playlist, adjust its volume, and save it to your favorites list for a relaxing session like never before.

good habits to develop
tips & articles for a better sleep

Have you ever wonder why you are still tired even after a full night of sleep? Perhaps eating before going to bed or waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle might be it. Whatever it is, it can be fixed. With the ease of a finger swipe, access our dedicated blog for tips & articles on how to sleep better. Developing good sleep habits has never been easier!

reach new states
the most effective brainwaves

With a large selection of brainwave entrainment beats to choose from, we’ve decided to integrate the best ones. Allowing you to reach new states of mind without the usage of headphones, Isochronic beats are considered to be the most effective brainwaves beats. Reach your favorite mind states faster then before with 6 additional brainwaves, right from your pocket!

stay tuned.

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